Lago Vista Clubhouse Grill Closed for Renovation

Lago Vista Clubhouse Grill closed for Renovation

26 February 2018


The Lago Vista Golf Course Clubhouse Grill is closed for renovation, effective immediately.   During the renovation, the Clubhouse will serve cold beverages, beer, microwavable food items, prepackaged sandwiches, and other prepackaged concessionary items such as candy bars and chips. 


City staff has posted a Request for Qualifications that will remain open for 21 days for the City to receive design build bids to renovate the facility. 


Our goal is to utilize this process to revitalize our Grill and to make it a place where good people go for good food in a good environment.  We understand this renovation may cause an inconvenience for some and we apologize for that.  However, we have determined this time to be the best time to move forward with the process. 


For more information on this or any other City related issues, please visit our website at or contact City Manager Josh Ray at 512.267.1155 or