Charter Review Committee

The Council shall appoint a Citizens Review Committee comprised of residents of the City to periodically review the Charter after its adoption. Charter reviews shall be conducted at least every four (4) years. The Council shall appoint a minimum of three (3) members and no more than six (6) members to serve for a twelve (12) month term, and such term may be extended by the Council.


The Committee shall inquire into the operations of the City government as related to the Charter and review the Charter to determine if amendments should be recommended. Public hearings may be held and the Committee shall have the power to compel the attendance of City officers or employees and may require the submission of the City records necessary to review. The Charter Review Committee shall make a written report of its findings and recommendations to the Council, including any proposed amendments.



Member Term Expires
Robert "Bob" Bradley May 2016
Hubbard Helm May 2016
Nicolette Raley May 2016
Parsons Townsend May 2016
Travis Wilhow May 2016

(meets as needed)