Aviation is a Division of the Development Services Department. The Aviation Division provides the following services:


Staff support, staff reports and retain records associated with the Airport Advisory Board.
Act as a liaison to the Rusty Allen Airport Property Owners Association
Provide administration for the Airport
Work with Federal and State Agencies for maintenance and funding;
Implement and update the Airport Action Plan
Oversee Ordinances.


Any Airport Division staff member can assist Lago Vista residents with these items. The main contact for this Division is the Airport Manager.


Rusty Allen Airport (RYW)


Elevation: 1231 ft. / 375.2 m
Runways: 15/33
CTAF: 122.725
AWOS: 119.375 / (5112) 267-1365
Landing Fees: No
Lights: Dusk - Dawn
From City: 2 miles NE of Lago Vista, TX


Runway Information


Runway Dimensions: 3808 x 50 ft. / 1161 x 15 m
Surface: Asphalt, Good Condition
Runway Edge Lights: Medium Intensity


Runway                                                   15                                           33
Traffic Pattern                                     Left                                        Left
Traffic Pattern Altitude              2200 MSL                             2200 MSL
Elevation                                      1231 MSL                             1231 MSL
Heading                                     151M / 161T                       334M/341T
Visual Slope Indicator        2-Light VASI on left         2-Light VASI on left
Markings                                   Non-precision                   Non-precision
Instrument Approach                      GPS                                        None


Airport Services
Self Service Fuel available: 100LL

Fuel price: $3.92/gal
Parking: Tiedowns
Airframe service: Major
Powerplant service: Major


Airport Fees
Member (lot owner): Airport Usage Fee $275/year/lot
Airplane parking $400/year, /$50/month/ $5 night
Car/Vehicle Parking $100/year, $20/month, nightly free



In October 1994, the airport name was changed to “Lago Vista, Texas, Rusty Allen Airport” to honor the long-time community leader and former mayor who has been involved in every major improvement for over 20 years. Rusty Allen and George Eeds owned a 1942 Piper L-4Cub used for emergency stretcher evacuation during World War II. At that time, there were only 16 other aircraft and 10 buildings/hangers. In 2017, the Rusty Allen airport is home to 83 based aircraft.