The City of Lago Vista Development Services Department has been storing all building permit information exclusively in a digital format since 2012. Although we are only required to retain this information for seven years, we have no need to dispose of it as we currently have more than sufficient storage capacity for this information.


However, we also have permit information and documents that are much older. Although we are not required to retain those records, we have previously done so for the potential convenience of our residents. Unfortunately, we have reached the stage where we are unable to justify this continued expense. Rather than unilaterally destroying those records, we are instead notifying the public of their need to assume the responsibility of storing these records if they wish to do so. Anyone wishing to retrieve these records should submit a written request (or email: development@lago‐ to the Development Services Department as follows prior to July 1, 2018:


Attention: Permit Records Request

c/o Development Services Department

P.O. Box 4727

Lago Vista, TX 78645


Include the address of the property that contains the improvements, a phone number and an email address. We will notify you when any records generated created prior to our current use of a digital system are ready to be picked up. After this deadline, we will begin disposing of these aged permit records in a systematic manner.